Meaningful Collaboration because...


You will never have to create silos of information again. Not with hubnet. hubnet provides a central location for all your business knowledge, ideas, strategies, work, files, meetings, projects and more.

Collaboration made simple, but made to work.



Knowledge, files, work, strategy and ideas in one place


Whether you are developing a complex project, executing legal or financial agreements or managing a region for sales, having everything related to the job in one place and one click away makes collaboration easier and much more meaningful.

Store conversations without email, manage and share files, hold online meetings, or manage tasks.


Bringing together the best minds and technology in one place


The social-centric collaboration platform where real work gets done and files can be shared and stored in a secure environment.


Work together inside or outside your company’s walls.

Disabling silos of information by enabling meaningful collaboration


Schedule and launch
GTM sessions in hubnet


Open in your browser
and save on our server.


Manage meetings and
upload email attachments.


Conversations in one place,
not silos of emails.


Keep your projects
coordinated and up to date


Put an end to syncing files to
desktops, get into the zone


Sync your appointments
and events to Outlook


Company files stored in one
system, access by permission

The online conference room


Sit in a conference room for 2 hours and what was the outcome of that meeting? Where is all the information that was shared? And how will you measure the benefits of having collaborated?

"Hubs" are social-centric workspaces. Think of them as home bases or conference rooms that are open 24/7/365 and equipped with all the tools a group needs to work together on a project or business goal from start to finish and beyond. A central location of knowledge, ideas, strategies, meetings, expertise, skill, files and more.


See results from the act of collaboration

Meaningful collaboration starts with hubnet, a premier pathway to success.

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