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clarity in teamwork


When you decide that you need something new, or you need something old done in a new way, a project is born. From then on, efforts focus on planning, preparing, executing, monitoring, and managing this project. But have you ever had a project that ultimately didn't deliver the benefits you needed?

When there's a weak connection between the project's deliverables and the organization's needs, then there's a risk that the benefits of a project may be lost along the way.

Hubnet empowers your team to create plans, organize their work and track tasks in one place.


Collective and organized

Keep the team on the same page
Create goals, assign tasks, add notes and files, pin goals and tasks to conversations, add work effect, see status, view Gantt charts and more. Keep up to date on what is being done, by who and what the status is.

Drag and drop the task priority
Within a given goal, tasks can be prioritized and changed easily by just dragging and dropping the order of priority. You can even separate tasks by pinning subject matters between them. Prioritizing and adding pins to the task order adds complete flexibility and provides much granularity on work level.

Goals by category
Within a team environment there can be terminology that fits best with a given project. Create categories that fit the project and save goals to them.

Instant knowledge of what is going on

Snap shot view of all projects
Quickly view your team’s projects, your projects, live goals and tasks, pending goals, completed tasks and even search for current and old work. Hubnet makes it very simple to find and keep track of what is going on and what projects are coming up next.

Summary work logs
When needing to check on someone’s workload, quickly view their work log and view all the goals and tasks they are working on, the hours spent, type of task and the status. Export work logs to a spreadsheet format.

Run quick reports on which tasks are live, which members are working on which tasks, workload for each team member, total time being spent and the status of a task.

See results from the act of collaboration

Meaningful collaboration starts with hubnet, a premier pathway to success.

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