Share files without the security risk

Successful collaboration changes the core strategy and social purpose of the business enterprise

Sharing files with colleagues and clients should be easy and convenient. What it shouldn't be is a security risk. Many businesses don't have the right file sharing systems and policies or their employees turn to unsafe practices that often put both their business and clients privacy in jeopardy.


Upload, manage and share files simply

Share them by zone

With hubnet, you can share any size file or type to anyone, at anytime, anywhere and from any device. Files remain on hubnet’s server, sender sets access rights for the receiver by selecting 1 of 3 security zones. Each have their own authentication process, keeping you in control over the file access.


Always share the latest version of files

Having your files stored in one place makes it easy to view, manage and share them. Work on files with team members, store them in one place and share with business partners and clients. Your files are always up to date so everyone has access to the latest version.


Share with anyone

You can share files inside and outside your company walls. You control access by selecting the right security zone for files.

Share within the security zone

Quick and Easy

Stop sending files insecurely via email. Instead, use zone links with access codes, expiration dates and restricted download and print permissions. 


Set time constraints

All files sent to the receiver stay on our server and can only be downloaded or printed if you give the permission to do so. Tell the system how long the files will be available to view. User does not need to be a hubnet user to receive files.


Send one, send 100

It doesn’t mater how many files you send the receivers at once, all will be sent and remain in the security zone you create for that particular sharing job.


See results from the act of collaboration

Meaningful collaboration starts with hubnet, a premier pathway to success.

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