Keep conversations in one place

We store files in one place, why not our conversations?

Your email inbox silos your team’s tacit knowledge.

Email is regularly used to share and discuss work, but that is not the best practice. Attaching files and documents or linking to them via shared network drives makes for a complete mess. Countless versions of shared files and relevant follow-up conversations are trapped in email inboxes everywhere. Your inbox is a graveyard for valuable tacit knowledge, knowledge that gets buried deeper and deeper every minute of every day.

Email is a tool that best serves simple communication, not discussion, and certainly not collaboration. When you send an email asking someone to review your work, the most valuable piece of information being transferred is not the file itself, but the ensuing conversation. Regardless of the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to find this email in your own inbox later, no one else outside of the email thread has the opportunity to benefit from this transfer of knowledge, keeping stakeholders in the dark.

Hubnet stores all the team’s conversations in community channels


Smarter alternative to email

Public and private channels, Direct message
Communication between teams, projects and meetings can be stored in public, private channels. Direct messages can be setup for one-on-one conversations.

Channels for all needs of communication
All participates can take part with instant messaging, follow conversations, reply, upload files, pin files, goals, tasks and meetings to a conversation.

Search the entire channel
No one piece of information buried deep within a thread when using channels. All messages, links, files, and conversations can be searched and indexed quickly.

See results from the act of collaboration

Meaningful collaboration starts with hubnet, a premier pathway to success.

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