The Value of Collaboration

Successful collaboration changes the core strategy and social purpose of the business enterprise

For the knowledge worker who wants to collaborate and have the social experience that’s inherent in teamwork, read on…

Hubnet is a one-stop collaboration oasis, where you can bring together the right people to brainstorm, share ideas, set goals and get things done. All of the communication and tools you're comfortable with are available, located in one place not throughout various locations in your enterprise.


A premier pathway to success

We believe that real, meaningful collaboration is possible and it is the premier pathway to success for organizations now and into the future.
We define meaningful collaboration as what happens along a dynamic continuum that considers and supports the diverse and ever-changing needs and objectives of people working together to achieve goals within organizations, groups, teams and communities.

hubnet is the new benchmark in meaningful collaboration. It is an elegant, cost-effective tool that supports individuals and groups – 1 to many – to engage in the business of doing business and to work together

What is meaningful collaboration

  • Comprehensive project / initiative planning
  • Cooperation among  project participants
  • Goal and task setting
  • Information and idea sharing
  • Content management
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Instant messaging without email
  • Progress and results measurement
  • Social Connections
  • Reporting
  • Secure storage of documents and data
  • True innovation for today’s competitive marketplace
There are many file sharing, document storing and cloud collaboration tools and technologies on the market today, but none rival hubnet’s capabilities. hubnet bridges all communication and knowledge silos and engages the user to work productively and rewards their skill sets.

Why meaningful collaboration

Even in today’s global, digital and social business environment, organizations (individual professionals, leaders, executive teams, work groups of all types and whole communities) long for better, easier and deeper ways to work together, connect and share.

Organizations of all sizes want to improve how their employees, vendors and other stakeholders work together and interact.

hubnet exists to fulfill the unmet market need for meaningful collaboration with its best-in-class, comprehensive solution.

Based on primary research and work we are doing/have done with our customers and beta sites we have proven that organizations, teams and knowledge workers of today want to create and manage content, exchange ideas, store critical information, build social capital, communicate and interact.

They want to be able to do all of this easily, cost-effectively and efficiently – with a few clicks of a mouse, all in one place.


Transforming how collaboration is done

hubnet has all the features of a robust Knowledge and Documents system. Users can also create profiles and networks, search and share on skillsets, backgrounds and interests. Driven by permissions users can capture, create, manage, store, search and share on content, using wikis or Microsoft documents.

At its core is where hubnet defines team collaboration. Active members can create and join multiple hubs, virtual conference rooms open 24/7/365 and equipped with all the tools a group needs to function and work on a project from start to finish and beyond.

Keeping your enterprise assets in one place

Instantly break down barriers to communication and make collaboration easy – whether within your company wall or outside of it.
  • Create, search, and join public or private hubs for any purpose.
  • Invite internal and external people
  • Share ideas and brainstorm together
  • Negotiate on deals, build teams, manage activities, and refine skills.
  • Upload, store, modify and share files
  • Keep all correspondence in one place and stop using email to manager your work.
  • Track activities and tasks
  • Collaborate on files from the browser
  • Schedule and hold online conference calls

See results from the act of collaboration

Meaningful collaboration starts with hubnet, a premier pathway to success.

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